Patient Stories

Our amazing patients share their stories of the wonderful care they received at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center.

Stephanie Kester

A mother holding her baby's feet in her hands

Stephanie already had one child, but she went into delivery of her second unsure what to expect since it was her first time delivering at Sierra Medical Center. She and her partner genuinely appreciated the education they received during their labor and delivery experience, as well as throughout their stay.

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Taylor Johannesen

A doctor and nurse looking at patient test results

Taylor suffers from a chronic condition that requires specialized care. Because of her great patient experience at Sierra Medical Center, she feels comfortable knowing that she can get the care she needs, when she needs it.

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David Archer

David Archer riding his bike after hip replacement surgeryDavid had severe congenital dysplasia on both of his hips. That, and degenerative osteoarthritis, were causing pain. He had hip replacement surgery at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center and now walks without pain.

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Elliott Josi

Elliott Josi standing in front of a mountainElliott Josi’s Father’s Day in 2023 was made memorable by more than just the messages of love and gratitude from his kids. After experiencing bursting pain, he learned of a herniated disc in his spine.

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Serenity Cortez

Serenity cortez kisses her child on the headBeing a first-time mom can mean you have a lot of questions about what to expect when you deliver. Luckily, Serenity Cortez was as prepared as she could be prior to delivering her first born at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center (SMC).

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Brett Kuhnsman

Brett KuhnsmanBrett visited the Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center emergency department for treatment of a blood clot. The care he received exceeded his expectations.

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Sydney with dad and baby Ellie

Mom Sydney and baby Ellie were recent patients at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center and only had great things to say about The Family Birth Center. “The nursing staff I had were very encouraging and helpful through the entire labor and delivery process,” said Sydney. “They listened and took into consideration my feelings and that’s something I will forever be grateful for. I have never met such kind and wonderful staff.”

Thank you to all who allow us to be part of their birthing journey!