Health Fair

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Time: 7:00 am – 10:00 am

Location: Sierra Medical Center Lobby
625 Innovation Dr, Reno, NV, 89511

$25 – Sports Physicals (Select an appointment time by emailing [email protected])
$20 – Chemistry Panel (comprehensive metabolic panel includes 15 different tests)*
$20 – Lipid Panel (cholesterol, HDL/LDL ratio and triglycerides test to evaluate hormone level)*
$35 – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (regulates thyroid function)
$35 – Free T4 (tests for thyroid function)
$15 – Complete blood count with Auto Diff (checks for anemia, infection and other diseases)
$35 – Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA, test for prostate cancer)
$20 – ABO/RH Blood Type (identifies blood type)
$30 – Hemoglobin A1C (Glycosylated hemoglobin. Monitors glucose control over time.)
$40 – Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy (tests for vitamin D deficiency)
$35 – Electrocardiogram (EKG, identifies arrhythmias)

*Requires fasting for 10-12 hours prior to test

A nurse will be available to answer your questions.

We are unable to bill insurance for health fair services. However, we provide a receipt for patients who want to submit for reimbursement.

Cash, Check or Credit Only, No Coins Please.