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Physician Management Associates

Locally Based to Give Your Practice Personal Attention


Primary Services

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Insurance Billing
  • Practice Management
  • Appointments and Recalls
  • Patient Eligibility and Plan Information
  • Practice and Physician Analysis
  • Clinical History
  • Procedure, Diagnosis and Financial Histories

Optional Services

  • Automated Collections
  • Managed Care Options
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Interface

Call for a free practice management consultation or quote 775-356-9393.

Billing Made Easy

Physician Management Associates streamlines and accelerates office billing procedures, and that means greater efficiency and higher revenues for you. Data collected daily from your office is processed within 24 hours. With an optional in-office computer terminal, you or your staff can access patient financial housing and other information instantly. Monthly analyses clearly report important financial data such as gross revenues and accounts receivable aging.

And unlike other companies that rely on your employees, and thus your money, to input billing information, Physician Management Associates completes the job from start to finish.
We will also supply professional development and support training to give your staff the tools they need to successfully collect on delinquent accounts.

Maximizing Receivables and Insurance

Trusting PMA to handle your billing needs will give you improved cash flow and greater control over your accounts receivables. Billing applications for all aspects of your practice are provided, including patient receipts and statements, insurance billing, electronic claims submission and automated collections. You can create your own customized superbills and statements.

PMA can handle your billing for all Medicare, Medicaid and commercial carriers, as well as for HMOs, PPOs and Workers Compensation. Insurance claims are automatically printed on the proper forms and filled out with the correct information for each carrier. For non-paid claims, a Request for Review report can be printed. PMA speeds up insurance payment turnaround time by letting you send claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, commercial carriers and clearinghouses nationwide.

Practice Management that Works for You

The future of your medical practice largely will be determined by the skill of the people who manage your office. While you may have only limited control over reimbursements, capitations and legislation, a savvy business strategy can control the variables. Physician Management Associates will plan and implement a comprehensive business management program tailored to your specific needs. By using a proprietary plan to handle the business affairs of your practice, productivity will increase, administrative costs will drop, and your personal income will rise.

Our staff supplies the authoritative counsel on all regulatory, financial, administrative, and management issues affecting physicians and their business.

PMA effectively manages independent or group practices, clinics, multi-physician and multi-site environments. PMA provides detailed information on all aspects of physicians contributions to revenue and practice activity.

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